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In 1836, a Republic was born. A Republic with a fierce spirit, a burning desire for liberty, and an ingrained sense of pride and patriotism. This Republic laughed in the face of tyranny and refused to bow. To this day, it “has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may.”* This Republic has a rich Heritage, which has shaped its values, its citizens, and its prominence. This Republic is Texas. This is its Heritage.

Texas’s unique history has imparted a unique culture, sense of pride, and set of values upon generations of Texans. As Texans, we take pride in the fact that our ancestors fought for their own freedom and thrived as an independent nation. Our Heritage instilled values in us that many Americans seem to have forgotten. Values like independence, self-reliance, patriotism, courage, and sacrifice.

Here at 1836 Heritage, we strive to revive and celebrate the uniqueness of Texas and the culture that has been created because of its history. We want to spread the word so everyone understands what makes our former Republic different and in many (most) cases better. If you would like to join us in this endeavor, you are in luck! Here are a few ways you can join our cause. First, educate yourself about your Heritage and be proud of its rich history. Next, please subscribe to our blog and share our brand with your friends. Finally, proudly wear and promote our patriotic line of apparel that celebrates Texas’s rich history and ideals. A percent of all our profits are donated to wounded Texas veterans, so by supporting us, you are also helping your fellow Texans who have sacrificed to protect the things we hold dear. 

We hope to inspire generations of Texans to take pride in the great state we have built, the great things Texans have accomplished, and the history that has influenced us all.

Like what 1836 Heritage stands for? Represent in our tri-blend Logo Tee!


*Moser, Bob. "Perry vs. White: The Battle of Sam Houston." The Texas Observer. Texas Observe, 26 Oct. 2012. Web. 04 Mar. 2017.



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