This One's for the Texpatriates

If a man is from Texas he’ll tell you. If he’s not, why embarrass him by asking?

- John Gunther

This quote is a great example of what it means to be a Texas expatriate (or Texpatriate). Much to the chagrin of the unfortunate souls who are native to one of the other 49 states (or heaven forbid, another country), Texas has its own mystical culture and pride that has yet to be replicated anywhere else. Texpatriates have a unique opportunity to demonstrate this fact to people who may just think of Texas culture as one of arrogance and ignorance.

Texas expatriates are like Texas ambassadors. They represent the Great State of Texas to people who may otherwise have little to no contact with Texans and therefore get most of their opinions about Texas from the media or internet. Here are three things we hope these ambassadors around the world are able to represent about the Lone Star State:


I pray I never see the day where I hear someone say, “The only person from Texas I ever knew was pretty boring and lazy.” Texans hold themselves and other Texans to a very high standard. In fact, if Texas was a country it would be one of the top 15 economies in the world. That success is due to an unrelenting pursuit of excellence on the part of Texans throughout history.

From Audie Murphy and Lyndon B. Johnson to Ross Perot and Red Adair, Texas is known for producing people who achieve excellence and make everyone around them better. No matter the odds or task, Texpatriates should embody the excellence of their heritage and project this to everyone they come in contact with.


As we love to point out, Texas is one of three states that used to be its own country before joining the United States. And outside of the original colonies, it is the only state that had to fight for its independence. There are many stories of bravery from Texas history, but it is also on display by Texans every day. One example we just saw is the video of Texans coming together to save a father, toddler, and infant who were trapped in a flooded, overturned truck. We’ve included the raw video below: 


These Texans running into rushing water to help a stranger with lightning flashing around them is a great example of the spirit of action and bravery which we hope Texpatriates everywhere bring to their communities.


Texans are bold. Some people may go as far as to classify us as brash. Unfortunately boldness is often looked at as a bad thing, however, that is the exact quality that led to Texas’s independence in what is known as one of the most decisive military victories in history.

At the Battle of San Jacinto, the Texan army destroyed Vince’s bridge, which had two consequences. First it prevented additional Mexican reinforcements from arriving. Secondly, this bold move cut off the easiest path of retreat for both sides – essentially locking the outnumbered Texan army into a battle royale with Santa Anna’s men. As we all know, the results of the battle were 950 Mexican soldiers killed or captured with only 11 Texans killed.

As the Latin proverb states, “Fortune favors the bold”. Boldness is a key factor to creating your own luck and is something Texans have in spades.


To all Texas expatriates out there, especially those whose absence is due to military service, we salute and encourage you to live an excellent, brave, and bold life that is worthy of your heritage. We also created a design just for you. This shirt simply has “Texpat” written across the front to remind you of your Texas roots and let everyone around know the contents of your character and what they can expect from you. 

Remember your Heritage,

1836 Heritage Team

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