181st Anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo

In honor of the 181st anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo, we have compiled five interesting pieces of information, some of which are fairly well known and others which are more obscure:

1. When Santa Anna’s army arrived at the Alamo, a message was given to the garrison demanding immediate surrender or else the defenders would be put to death. Col. William Barret Travis answered Santa Anna’s demands with a cannon shot – the exclamation mark to his famous “Victory or Death” letter, penned on February 26, 1836.[1]

2. Legend has it that on March 5, 1836, three days after Texas declared its independence, Travis drew a line in the sand and stated, ”Those prepared to give their lives in freedom’s cause, come over to me!” A single Frenchman, Louis Moses Rose, was the only member of the garrison to refuse and afterward escape the Alamo.[1]

3. Col. Travis sent multiple scouts out from the Alamo to gather reinforcements. On March 1, thirty-two Texans from Gonzalez broke through the Mexican lines and joined their brothers within the walls of the Alamo. These men are known in Texas lore as “The Immortal Thirty-Two.”[1]

4. It is estimated that the Alamo garrison numbered less than two hundred men strong. By the time the Texan army was defeated, between 600-1,600 of Santa Anna’s troops had been killed or wounded.[2] This led Santa Anna to exaggerate the number of defenders in his reports of the battle, stating that there were over six hundred Texans killed that day.[1]

5. At the end of the Texas Revolution, after the Mexicans retreated from The Alamo, they attempted to destroy as much of the structure as possible. What remained was used as both military housing and a grocery store until 1905. At that time, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas convinced the government to buy the Alamo so it could be restored. In 1912, restoration began and custody of the Alamo was transferred to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. From 1912 until 2011, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas were completely responsible for preservation of the site.


Let us all take a moment today to “Remember the Alamo” and the sacrifices made 181 years ago to secure our Freedom and our Heritage.

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